Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Skiing and Ski School

Boxing Day. :) Usually this day is reserved for day after Christmas sales and lunch with the ladies. It's a tradition that I love and look forward to EVERY year.... but this year it wasn't in the cards. :)

We all got up early because Joe had ski school (which he was more than a little bit dubious about). So the Davis' headed out a little bit earlier than the Sullivan's so that we could rent our gear. We made it up to Durango mountain and I started the process of getting Joe his gear. First up was the helmet. It itched his head. :-/ Second... his boots. The nice lady fitted him and put it on his foot and it hurt him. It was too tight. :( He started crying. Uh oh.

Jason took him off and had a talk with him and I got his ski's and poles. He came back and seemed ready. We took him outside and got him all outfitted and went to drop him off at ski school... and they weren't open yet.

We went to Purgy's and got a drink for him and some coffee for us. Jason took him out and put him on his ski's and practiced "pizza slice and french fries". And it was time. We took him over and met with his teacher. They were all so good and welcoming. He was off and running before we could even wave goodbye.

Next up... we went and got our ski's and such. We met up with the Sullivan's... and I contemplated taking a half day lesson too... as it had been 25 years since I skied. But Vicki was confident that she could get me back to it and we decided to do one easy run and see how I felt.

We took the lift to the top and I felt pretty good. It really was just like riding a bike and soon I was back to being able to hold my own. The boys went their way and the girls went ours. we stayed mostly with the blue and green runs and wow... I forgot how much I enjoyed skiing. My shins were sore and I would probably have better gear if I did it more... but I loved it.

We had lunch at a restaurant at the top of the hill and skied some more before we went back to pick up Joe. When we got there to get him... he had had a blast... and was even the star pupil. Taylor, his teacher, said that she called him "her pro Joe". He had started turning right away and then went back to pizza and french fries. He's even come home with a new saying that Justin from his class said... "knock it, lock it, put it in your pocket." Go figure. :)

We all returned our gear and headed out after a quick stop in the store for some shirts and the photo shop to get pictures of Joe skiing (that I paid too much for).

On the way off of the mountain we continued to have problems with our car so we called my parents (who were headed into town) and had them meet us at the GMC dealership. We literally limped into the dealership and left the car. We went into Walmart to get a paci (or four) and some boots for Jason... and ran back to Walgreens to get Mom's prescriptions.

We had so much leftover food that we did "must go's" and everyone kind of had a little bit of whatever they wanted. It turned out to be an early night for everyone because we were tired.

LJ had had a great day with Papa and Grammy. She had a four hour nap with Papa in the rocker and it was just an easy going day for them. Another great day in Durango.

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