Sunday, December 23, 2012

On the road to Durango

On the Road to Durango

When we planned this trip, it was August. I don't even really remember how it came about... kind of a "wouldn't it be cool" thing that then panned out. Joe loves the Polar Express. Like LOVES the polar express... watches it year round and has dreams about it kind of loves it.

So when it started coming together we wanted it to be a surprise for him... but he had to know we were going somewhere and somewhere cold... so we told him North Dakota. (who knows how I pulled that out of my backside). And as it's gotten closer he has started talking more and more about North Dakota. He even has dreams about it. But he has said a few times that on Christmas Eve he was going to ride the Polar Express.

Saturday morning we got up early early early so that I could go and feed the kittens at the office and drop off Murphey. We all got ready and dressed, last minute things together and I ran off.

It took me about an hour but I got back and we loaded up and headed out. We must look like the clampits because we have the car loaded and the trailer behind us... surely we must be moving to Durango and not just going for a week.

I have to say that Jason and I have gotten along amazingly while preparing. Any of you married folk know that getting ready for the great american road trip can really bring out the stress... but we had lists and we each had functions (thank you Jason) and we got along with no bloodshed.

We had the plan to stop a couple of times to let the kids stretch their legs and use the bathroom... and we stopped at an amazing rest stop between Houston and Dallas. And to make it even better... they had all decorative concrete and our color had been used in the bathrooms. It was Davis color, but they bought it at Cement Colors. :)

We had to stop at Cement Colors to see James and drop off his Christmas present and some buckets (which we forgot to drop off) and look at some material. Then on to Jami and Biggs to have lunch and let the kids run for a little bit.

By 2:00 pm we were, once again, headed North. I swear we took an extra hour for all the times my littlest man had to stop to go to the bathroom. This time we will limit his fluid intake. ;)

So we pulled into the Big Texan restaurant at 8:00 pm. What tourist trap ... ahem experience that is... a kids shooting range, a candy store, a curio shop, a bar, a beer garden and the restaurant. And if you can eat a 72 oz steak, a salad, three shrimp and a baked potato in under an hour... it's free. They have a table set up in the center of the restaurant (right by the grill) with timers... and there was a man sitting there eating. He knew he wouldn't be able to do it... but he was trying. blech.

We got seated and ordered... and had a meal befitting a tourist trap... ahem texan monument. The kids were getting fractious so we headed to the hotel.

I have to say that with 630 miles and 10 hours 59 minutes... the kids did marvelously. Truly./.. we could not ask for a better car riding experience with these two.

Our elf, Eli even joined us on our adventure. He has ridden on the dashboard the whole way. He showed up this morning sitting on top of the coffee pot. Wonder where he will end up today?

Jason and I are both so excited to come up over that mountain coming into Durango and see Joe's face. I fully intend to have the video going because he is going to ... absolutely freak out.

This... THIS is what parenthood is about. Providing these magical moments for your kids.

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