Friday, July 23, 2010

DAY 2, Lake of the Ozarks

On monday morning, we awoke to another nice morning.  
The kids did some playing and guitaring and blocking. 

Sarah did her best Marilyn Monroe imitation. :) 

Scott, Jason and I all went running, separately but we did go running.  :)  And when we returned we all got ready and went out on the pontoon boat for a bit of exploring.  We went out about 10:30 but for some reason, all of the kids were sleepy.  About ten minutes into the boat ride, they ALL were asleep.  

The scenery was beautiful and the lake amazing.  The houses, oh my goodness.  
We puttered around and saw the sights and gave the kids the chance to sleep.  Then headed to Paradise for some lunch.  It was the perfect location.  The kids could play with hula hoops and sidewalk chalk.  There was a BIG captain morgan and even a stage which made Joe Joe's eyes light up.  (not a GREAT idea cause then they all wanted up there...bad bad mommy!).  
Daddy let joe listen to some music.  
He's starting early I tell you!  :)  Pat Green watch out!  
I had to prove that I still could do it.  
Crissy, too, had to prove to herself she could do it.  And she could.  :) 
Even Abby had the moves.  

I think Joe was giving the side eye to all of us crazy's.  
Til he decided to help.  
Scott and his girls.  Sooo sweet.  
Joe and "grandpa" got us home safe and sound. 

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