Thursday, July 22, 2010

Journey to Lake of the Ozarks

Last year, The Stanards, the McMichaels and us went to Cedar Creek Lake which is about three hours away from each of us.  We talked about how much fun we had and how we were going to do it again. 

Well, John's family splits their time between St. Louis and Lake of the Ozarks.  With clearance from his family we were on for a trip to Lake of the Ozarks, MO.  We started talking about it several month's ago and decided it would be more fun if we could all ride together.  The investigation began for a fifteen passenger van.  

The time arrived fast and our van was rented, our menu planned and details ironed out.We were set to leave on Saturday morning but the Stanards and McMichaels arrived in Fort Worth Friday night and we set out about 7:00 am.  Six adults and 5 kids three and under.  :)  Two kids in the back with me.  Two kids in the middle with Crissy and one kid and Scott (or two kids) with Cindy in the front.  HA! John and Jason in the VERY front.  

I was attired in my dinosaur shirt and side ponytail (for joe to play with).  I'm such a good mommy... wink wink.  

We had to make one stop at Mcdonald's for lunch, of course and one stop to potty and get gas.  But, eleven hours later, we arrived at Lake of the Ozarks.  
We wondered if we were ingenious or certifiably nuts.  

Turned out we were smart.  The kids played with each other, there were books, and coloring books and movies... there were a few minor meltdowns but not too bad.  Us girls could chat and help each other and it was really nice.  

The kids immediately made themselves at home and started their rock band. 
This was the view from the balcony, nice huh?  
and at night.  

The girls decided that "summering" involved sitting on the chaise lounge with their drinks.  We liked the idea.  :) 
Our first night was pretty low key.  We ordered pizza and sat and chatted, played and "summered".  The kids all crashed and us adults weren't too far behind.  It had been a long day!  But we were finally there.  Let the vacation begin.  :) 

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