Friday, July 23, 2010

Day 4 & 5: Golf, beach and relatives, oh My.

On Tuesday, the guys went golfing.  So us girls and the kids had the first part of the day to ourselves.  We went for a walk but after a few skinned knees came back home.  We hung out at home, took a few naps (well the kids did, we "summered" and then the guys came on home.  We had a low key day... well as low key as five kids under three can be. :) 

On Wednesday Scott's sister and brother in law came down from Jefferson (I think) and then that evening John's sister and niece came down from Columbia.  We took the kids to the park and had a big spaghetti night at home.  

John and I were Mama and Papa razzi. 
I love love love this picture of Miss Sarah.  I think she just looks so grown up yet so innocent all at the same time.  

This picture was hard to come by.  These kids would hang out all the time but getting all three to sit next to each other and to actually smile is IMPOSSIBLE.  
it was much easier when they were like this.  
Or maybe not.  :-)
or even better:  this
It is SOOOO hard to believe those are the same kids. :)

Life... is... good.  

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