Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Swimming with Ms. Kristina

about a year ago, my friend Meg introduced me to Mr. Bobby and Ms. Kristina.  They live in Keller and offer swim lessons out of their swimming pool behind their home.

Our very first session was about a year ago and I had to drop Joe off and leave him there for 30 minutes.  He cried the entire time but came away from it swimming.  That was his first video.

Then, this year we did a refresher with Mr. Bobby and that link was his swimming video back in April.  He learned more about back floating and how to flip and move his arms in freestyle motion.

Then we decided to do one more class, this time with Ms. Kristina again and it just solidified all that he had learned and this time he didn't even cry the whole time.  But, I could also sit and watch him since it was his third time going.

But he does sooo well and that is 100% because of the wonderful teachings of Kristina and Bobby!  They are wonderful with the kids and the peace of mind that comes from him knowing how to float and swim to his safe place is worth more than the price I pay and truly worth it's weight in gold.  They have given him the tools to save his own life.  That is ..  priceless!

thank you Kristina and Bobby!
I look forward to further lessons.

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