Thursday, July 22, 2010

The adventure of Lake of the Ozarks

We all slept well and a new day and our week dawned before us.  Right outside their back patio was a small jogging track with a REALLY big hill.  Scott and I decided to try it out.  
I don't think I can fully verbalize how much of a MOTHER EFFER that hill was!  Sorry, I don't use that language, well except, unless I do...  but still
that was at the bottom, looking up the hill.  

We had a relaxing morning of tickling and playing guitar and playing on the patio.  
and roaring

the girls took a trip to Walmart for our weekly groceries.  I found this shirt and thought of the guys.  snicker snicker. 
It took us about two and half hours to get all of the shopping done but we were set up for the week. 
The rest of the day was spent on the lawn mower, fishing and riding along in tractors. 

there was an afternoon thunderstorm which turned into a tornado watch. 
we had a furry visitor.  Does anyone know what this was? 
We rode over to the Horny Toad for dinner.  It was fantastic, a bit hectic but fantastic. 
There was lots of playing and giggling and eating with a bit of snuggling on the side.
 Reagan would NOT keep her eyes open.  and we sure did try.  

what a gorgeous little goofball.  
we're STRONG!  
Great night to a first great day! 

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