Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Joe not wanting to go to bed last night:

"I get up!"
me:  no, Joe, it's bed time. 
Joe:  no, I get UP!  I go tickle Daddy!
me:  no. 
he crawls to end of the bed and looks at me and says "I frow my blanket!"
me:  Joe, if you throw your blanket, I am not going to get it.  AND you are not getting down, do you understand?
Joe throws the blanket
Me:  No.  no blanket. 
Joe then throws his giraffe.  you see how this is going. 
I tell him that I am going to leave him in the bedroom all alone for a little bit. 
About five minutes later, I go back in and he's sitting very demurely under the covers with his paci in. 
joe:  "I'm ready to listen"
me:  you want your gigi?
Joe:  yes.
I go to get in to snuggle with him and get under the covers and he says...  "my blanket"
so I get him his blanket
Joe:  "fank you... I not frow it!"

then this morning:  I tell him
"whatever you do, do NOT come over here and get dressed! "  You are NOT to get dressed, do you hear me?
Joe:  I'm having fun mommy, with a mischevious little grin. 
me:  don't you come over and get dressed.
he comes over and giggles the entire time.
then my phone rings... 
I am talking to my sister and he stands in front of me with hand on hip and says.
"I'm READY mommy!" 

three year olds.  Gotta love em!  :)

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