Monday, October 11, 2010


So, we went to lufkin this weekend (pictures to follow) and we had a great time.  On our way home, we stopped at the office the way we always do for Joe to ride the forklift.  

He had been so well behaved ALL weekend, no temper tantrums, no time outs, nothing.  He was, quite simply, an angel.  

So, we went to leave the office and he didn't want to get back in his carseat.  He wanted to play.  (surprise surprise).  So, I was putting him into his carseat and he was arching his back.  

I said to him.. "Joe, do you really want to end a great weekend this way?"  

his response to me...  

" I AM MAKING BAD CHOICES!"  Said at the top of his voice!  

I just busted out laughing.  It was too funny not to!  

At least he knew.....  ha ha ha

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Dana said...

if only we could teach all men to realize that! ;p