Wednesday, October 27, 2010

How is it possible?

That I have had this many blog posts in a row with NO pictures??? 

 Joe's latest (or not so) favorites are his tool belts, bobcats and hardhats. One day he found Jason's "minor" light and added it to his ensemble.  Is he not the cutest thing EVER? 

 On October 16th, Jason Joe and I rode in the Clean Air Bike Rally. While we waited for it to begin Joe enjoyed "riding his horsy".  Such a funny guy.  The bike ride is great.  It wasn't fast and it was a great family thing. 

 The very next day was Jason's (and Scott McMichaels) second triathlon in Denton.  It was set up super cute with costumes and other halloween decorations.  They had great monster music playing.  This was Joe talking to one of the decorations. 

 Jason coming out of the bike area transitioning to the run.  

 Joe wanted to race with his daddy so he ran to the finish line with him.  

They are definitely number ONE in my book!  

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