Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Oscar winning performances, Houston Half Marathons & Team Hudson

My sister and brother in law chose the Houston Half to be their first (and possibly) their last half marathon.  They trained and they worked really hard... we are so proud of them!  

I headed to Houston early to go work at ChemSystems, leaving Joe with his daddy and on the way to Houston Jason asked me about getting shirts made for the Hudsons (surprising them).  My friend, Meg, is quite the aficionado when it comes to design work and she didn't disappoint with these!  I was lucky enough to find a printer in Houston that could even have them done by Friday night.  WOOHOO!  

In the meantime... while working diligently at CSI... Jason calls me and tells me he has to pick up Joe early from school and that he won't put any weight on his left leg!  We were of course, quite worried.  I made him a doctors appointment and after the exam the doc said he couldn't see anything wrong with him.  But to watch it and see.  

That night he refused to put ANY weight on it.  He would crawl wherever he wanted to go or he would just sit there.  How sad is THAT!  The next morning, he was still not walking on it, so Jason drove him to Centerville where he met my mother to bring him to Houston.  It worked with the timing and we would work out the logistics.  I continued to work.  

Well.. to say he deserves an oscar is really an understatement.  By Wednesday evening, he was dancing, prancing, playing and even jumping.  And we fell for it.  Hook.  Line.  and Stinker!  

Joe playing, pantsless, with his bobcat and "ment" truck. 
 He hammered and climbed

"who me"
tickling and playing with Mimi

and getting a goodnight story from Mimi.  So special.  

Then Bebe, Big Daddy, Aunt Erin, Uncle Kevin and the boys came down on Saturday for the race.  We all met at the aquarium and rode the train and played in the water.  We had a nice dinner and lots of visiting.  

After finishing dinner and visiting...  the baby (wink wink) was craving raspberry ice cream with chocolate sprinkles.  :)  So we met mom and dad at Berripop Yogurt and we (well most of us) had some delectable delights.  And Joe was too funny.  We were discussing who was a boy and who was a "grill" otherwise known as a girl.  

me to Joe:  what are you?
Joe:  a boy
what am I? 
a grill
what is papaw?  a boy 
what is mamaw:  a gril
what is baby?  baby's eating.  oh and it's a grill.  
ha ha ha!  

Sunday morning we headed down to the Doubletree and had a nice breakfast and watched the boys run.  Then we went out to the finish line to watch for the runners to come cross.  :)  

What a fun weekend.  :) 

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