Monday, October 4, 2010

Joe goes to Big Tex (ie Texas State Fair)

My parents came up this past weekend for the sole purpose of going to the Texas State Fair.  :)  I got up bright and early and ran 9 miles (wanted to do 10 but had a bad "need the bathroom" experience).  I stopped to get donuts and kolaches before heading home.  :)  It took us all a bit longer to get ready... which should have been no surprise.  We had to get mom some extra medicine (she forgot her prescription) and joe dressed (with a few time outs) and me showered and presentable.  :)  

But, finally... we headed for the train station in Fort Worth to take the TRE to Dallas and then the bus to the fair.  And when we got there the train had just pulled out...  so we had to wait for the next one.  So, Joe walked.  
and Joe walked...  
He wanted to see all the trains.  He wandered into Subway to get a cookie.  She thought he was so cute, she gave him two. 
While we were waiting, we saw a bunch of people with race numbers on.  We, of course, wandered over to see what it was and it was a scavenger hunt.  So... what's an ex cruise director  and ex bartender (both social jobs) to do?  But help, of course.  
Finally the train arrived.  Joe was so excited.  
He loved every single second of it.  
And it took us about an hour on the train before we got to the bus in Dallas.  And the lull of the train put mom and dad right to sleep.  :)

We all boarded the bus and it immediately left for the fair.  It was University of Texas/Oklahoma University game day which meant it was very crowded but we did know that going into it.  And, luckily... we got there just as the game started and the crowds really weren't bad. 
Joe immediately wanted to play the water balloon game.  They didn't win but they had fun.  
Joe had to ride the merry go round.  :)  

 We had to get a pic right outside the Cotton Bowl Stadium.
apparently, the latest thing is these cute little dresses with cowboy boots.  Who knew? 
And Big Tex, of course.  
 A little fried margarita. 
Joe thought this was a lawnmower...  he could have sat there all day.  But we moved onto the children's petting zoo. 
 there were goats
 and baby goats
 Joe and Papaw were in line to see the real live Gigi (giraffe)
 who REALLY liked
 Bugles.  The handler had them in her hand and that giraffe kept
trying to get them right out of the bag. 
and a very handsome camel.  There was a baby that came up and gave Joe a kiss.  He wasn't sure whether to be excited or freaked out. 
We then found a farm co-op where he got to run through and do each aspect of a farm. 
 Take a basket
 put some corn in it
feed the cow, milk the cow
 plant some seeds
 ride your wagon
the wagon was a wee bit too big for him...  but he was determined. 
then go to the store and use your new money to buy a snack.  He bought peanut butter crackers but he wasn't happy with those.  He wanted his gold fish. 

Texas state fair is known for their fried food.  We had a corny dog, fried butter (which tasted like a heavy donut hole) to me.   Fried Bacon (which was the winner), and the fried margarita. 
We couldn't find the fried beer...   but oh well.  :) 
We did a bit of people watching... this girl took the cake.  She had a care bear on her back... which sadly, wasn't the biggest infraction........

Joe had to find the "bobcats" at the fair.  He and Uncle Todd.  Uncle Todd didn't go to UT but he was showing his support for us.  :)

We wondered how Joe would do with the rides since he's getting older.  He did magnificent.  Not surprising, his favorite was the four wheelers. 

He talked about riding the ferris wheel all day long.  We finally obliged and we all really enjoyed it. 
It was about this time that the Texas/OU game let out.  Texas lost.  :(
We walked around a bit more, let joe ride the four wheelers a few more times and realized it was 7:00!!?!  So we headed towards the bus, realizing that it would be 10 before we made it home.  And Joe was getting so tired... not that he showed it.  He didn't have one meltdown! 
The bus ride back was crowded and traffic was bad but seriously... there were no hassles. 
Joe stayed awake on the whole train ride again (so excited to be ON The train) and then got in the car and CRASHED.  He crashed so hard that he didn't even wake up when we got home.  Poor little fella.  :)
We seriously had the best time at the fair!  And we are so glad Joe took us all! 

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Dana said...

that looks like so much fun!!!!

but i gotta say, this was my favorite line of this entry:
It was about this time that the Texas/OU game let out. Texas lost. :(