Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Harbour Island, 2011 Day 2 & 3

A few more from the "little beach" which was right out in front of the house and down some steps.  We really did spend each morning down there until Joe would decide he was done. 

On our second day, we ventured into town on our golf cart and did some exploring.  We even tried to go to the big beach but it was pretty rough and Joe Joe didn't care for it.  We had lunch and took a short tour and headed back. 

This was a luxury Jet boat.  Three inboard Jet Drives... incredible.  Had a staff of 10 or so plus a chef and the owners are rarely on her.  gorgeous!

That evening we had a babysitter for Joe (which he did NOT care for) but it allowed us to have a nice dinner out at the "Landing".  It was spectacular. 
We were going to try to play some cards when we got back to the house but we all crashed.  It didn't help that Joe had been waiting up for me.  :) 

Our next morning was delightful.  More of little beach. 

When we came up, we loaded back into the golf cart and headed to lunch at another of their favorites.  The big beach had really calmed down and oh my goodness!  It was gorgeous.  We had a great lunch and then mom took Joe down to the beach.  While there three horses went galloping by (with riders) and he got to bury his feet and make them disappear. 

Can you even believe that water? 
That afternoon, Joe and I took a nap and then mom, Joe and I went back down to the little beach to enjoy a bit of the sunset.  
Nina had a meeting this night so we had dinner at the house which I have to say was very relaxing.  Joe didn't have to worry about a babysitter and sometimes it's just nice to sit and appreciate where you are for the moment.  
As I look at these pictures and put them up, I get the chance to enjoy them all over again.  I think it's a bit of human nature to take things for granted when they are happening....  but it's so important, Life is so important...  to really stop and breathe and say to yourself...  "I... am in the bahama's!"  

I am on blessed little girl. 

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The Great Elephant Symposium said...

Oh my goodness!! Your pictures are amazing! The water is so beautiful! It looks like you all had a lot of fun!