Monday, March 7, 2011

Harbour Island Bahama's, 2011 Days 1 and 2

Mom, Joe and I left sunny Fort Worth, Texas on Sunday the 20th of February.  We flew to Miami and then on to North Eleuthera.  The flights were easy... Joe was delightful.  He watched his Fresh Beat Band the whole way and was just perfect. 

We arrived into North Eleuthera about 3:00 pm and went through customs.  A short taxi ride to the water taxi which ferried us over to Harbour Island. 

Roy and Nina, our hosts, met us at the dock.  I had not seen Roy and Nina for about 7 years but had kept in touch.  It was a nice reunion.  :)  Most people drive golf carts around the island so it did take two trips to take us and the luggage to their house which was absolutely stunning.  Set high upon a hill overlooking the bay between North Eleuthera and Harbour Island.  Perfectly calm, really shallow, crystal clear water. 

Joe and I went down to explore... it was low tide and he loved it!
We had an early dinner at Romaro Bay Restaurant where they had calypso music and a parrot for Joe to talk to.  The band even let Joe play the drum (a synthesized drum, so really it was a button). 
As it had been a long day...  we all went home and headed to bed.  
Our first morning was spent at the beach... building sandcastles and jumping in the clear water.  Joe was such a joy to watch and take pictures of.  



Vanessa said...

this is FAAAABULOUS!!!!!!!!!! just found this via facebook - will follow along from now on! your pics are GORGEOUS... going to do some scrolling now. thanks for sharing!!!!! xoxoxoxoxv

Lover of Hope said...

Look like it was a great trip. Joe is getting so big, can't wait to get down there and see him and you guys. Looking forward to the pics from days 3, 4, & 5.
Hugs & Kisses