Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Lufkin, baby showers, cupcakes and baseball! What more... :)

 The first weekend in March, we headed to Lufkin to visit Jason's parents.  We had such a nice visit.  And the boys play SO well together!  Seriously, they have the best time.  So blessed to have cousins close in age and that they get along with. 
 They played in some dirt
 and hit some baseballs as both Joe and J were starting baseball soon. 

 Joe is great at hitting the balls... and is still learning to run to base not after the ball. :)
 Then my next weekend there was a baby shower for the last girl in this picture on the right.  We are (from left to right) Nikki (36 weeks), Natalie (34 weeks) me (31 weeks), Jess (29 weeks) and Carla (24 weeks) respectively... I may be wrong about those weeks.  But man oh man that's a lot of pregnant mama's.  

 Jason treated Joe to a blue cupcake..... 
 Shannon's sip and see was so nice in Houston.  It was supposed to be a shower but Miss Emily had a mind of her own and decided to make her way on our early.  Hard to believe that she (the blond in the middle) had a baby one month ago!  

 A baby feels somehow kind of natural in my arms.  :)  

 She was resting her head on Jocelyn.  These two baby girls will get to grow up together.  SOOOO blessed! 

 We got home Monday afternoon (late) and Joe and Chase had their first baseball game.  Chase was ALL about it. 
 Joe seemed to be.....  but he was TIRED! 
 Chase was third base!
 Joe just wanted mommy! 
Which meant that Chase got to continue to play and Joe... well Joe Joe and mommy and daddy came on home and put a tired boy to bed.  

He has another game on monday after a practice tomorrow.  He'll do great... he can really hit the ball well.  But at this age it's really like herding cats.  :)  
What a fun age!!!!  

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