Thursday, March 10, 2011

Harbour Island: Day 3?

Gosh... it's been two weeks and all of a sudden I can't remember what happened on which days.  Darn you pregnancy brain!  

I know we went to lunch at a place called Sip Sip and had a lobster quesadilla.  Poor Joe was so sleepy that he fell asleep on my lap.  Afterwards, we went to the Dunsmore Hotel and got out and walked around...  it was GORGEOUS!  This is where Nina and Roy stayed before they owned a house. 

the ROOSTERS on the island!  OMG...  this one outside of the Demmon's house... OMG it would start cockadoodling at 5:00 AM!  I seriously wondered if it was illegal to hunt roosters!  

We went to dinner another night (with a babysitter for Joe, much to his chagrin) at a place called the Rock House.  It was delicious and the maitre'd was amazing!  Every detail was accounted for and the food was melt in your mouth delicious.  Mom and I would share an appetizer and an entree and a dessert.  It was just the right amount of food for us.  
Jocelyn particularly liked the desserts. 

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