Saturday, April 16, 2011

A great Saturday

Jason ran his first 10K this morning.  He got up at the butt crack of dawn..  and Joe and I had a leisurely wake up of 7:00 am.  :)  We gathered up and headed out to cheer him on as he finished the race.  It was a beautiful day and Joe was chatting happily with me the whole way there.  We found a good spot and were there for about 5 minutes before we saw Jason running towards us.  PERFECT timing. 

He said it wasn't as hard as he thought it would be for someone who hadn't trained for it.  :)  He also said that just because you CAN do it without training doesn't mean you SHOULD do it.  ha!  I am proud of him and envious.  I cannot wait to strap on my running shoes again. 

We then came on home and had a nice relaxing morning, we all took naps and then Jason took Joe to the train while I did grocery shopping.  I even had the chance to go to multiple stores for better deals.  :) 

Tonight I decided it was important for Joe and I to have a date.  With Baby J's upcoming arrival...  I wanted to take him to Red Lobster, have him hold my hand and give me lots of kisses. 

When we pulled up...  he got out of the car and took my hand.  We walked in and he said to the hostess... "table for two please".  The hostess melted.  We explained that we were on a date and what that meant.  She asked if she could have a date.  :-) 

It wasn't a spectacular day of exciting events.  It was a spectacular day filled with moments I want to freeze in my  memory banks forever and ever. 

I hope y'all had a great saturday too. 

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The Great Elephant Symposium said...

That is awesome!!! I wish I could run a 10k without training! What a romantic night you two had!