Monday, April 18, 2011

Dearest Jocelyn,

I remember sitting here about four years ago writing a letter to Joe.  It just so happened that he made his arrival the next day.  I don't feel that happening with you, baby girl...  but nevertheless, here I sit at 4:23 am... awake.  

I have learned first hand the very special bond a mother can have with her son.  And I also know from the opposite direction the specialness of the bond between mother and daughter.  I look forward to being your mom...  to teaching you new things, to grow in life together and to have that special relationship that I have with my mom.  

But that's not what has me thinking this morning.  I think one of the things I am most excited about, in having a girl this time around, is the relationship that I know is going to develop between you and your daddy.  The bond with father and daughter is priceless.... or rather CAN be priceless.  Not all women are blessed the way that I have been.  

My relationship with my daddy is hard to define.  He was stern when I was growing up and really not around all that much.  He was working.  That's what he did.  But I will NEVER forget going off to college and calling my dad to check on him and asking how he was and having him say...  "fine...  no, not fine!  It's awful quiet around here, I miss you!"  

I really think a new relationship developed in that instance.  We had a good attachment before that...  do not get me wrong...  but the friendship was born that day.  We have since solved the worlds problems together, created a few problems, made money, lost money, walked on the great wall of China, had great adventures, danced together, worried each other and worried about each other, prayed for each other in our own unique ways, enjoyed each other and loved each other.  My dad is my hero and my friend.  

I know that your relationship with your daddy is going to be equally as special.  It will be different than mine with my dad but he is a lot like your grandaddy.  Both are strong and principled, have soft hearts and hands that can make "boo boo's" better.  A hug from them can cure a 1000 ailments and a chastisement can hurt 10,000 times worse than you will ever expect it to.  

Your daddy is used to having a rough and tumble little boy with a smile that will radiate 10 miles.  He is teaching your big brother so many wonderful qualities that he will need to be a strong, smart and successful, loving man.  Your brother has taught him (and me) a few things too... like how to be parents.  How to expect a lot but nurture too.  How to let your spirits soar while still respecting boundaries and rules.  How a hug from you two can cure 10,000 ailments in our hearts.  

But what I am so excited to see... is how his big strong heart is going to melt in a different way when he holds his little girl.  He will still teach the same lessons and expect the same things but...  BUT, your relationship will be different.  It will be special and you each hold a power that, I pray, you will someday know it's strength.  You hold the key to each others heart.  Be gentle with it.  It's a gift.  

You are his princess but he...he is the king of your world.  Dance together...  twirl together...  sit on his lap and look into his eyes... tell him you adore him. 

I love you baby girl!  You are treasured, you are wanted, you were prayed for before you were even a glimmer in our eyes.  

"I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made;[b]
         Marvelous are Your works,
         And that my soul knows very well."  Psalm 139

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