Sunday, April 24, 2011

Never had the chance... .

When I was pregnant with Joe they induced me at about 37.5 weeks due to low fluid...  and as you know, it ended in a c-section. 

So I never had the chance to get overly tired of being pregnant.  I have enjoyed being pregnant both times I have had the blessing to be so...  and any complaints I have had have strictly been for the comedic value. 

And this time has been sooo easy.  It's been harder having a toddler but man, oh man, has my husband been a husband of champions.  In trying to NOT change Joe's schedule he has been in charge of the night time routine for awhile now and he's really gone off of my moods which has been fantastic. 

But, I can honestly say that this weekend... I am done.  I am done.  I want my body back.  I am feeling claustrophobic in my own skin... there are two people here and the one is too big to be inhabiting it.  My tummy is tight.  My hormones are CRAZY and it's easter and I don't feel like it. 

I don't want to be alone.  I don't want to be with people.  I have to be the most frustrating person in the world to be around right now.  Is this NORMAL? 

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Lawfrog said...

Is this normal? Well, let's are incubating another human being and she is taking up all the space where your organs normally hang out. Texas is hot right now or getting that way more and more every day. You have a toddler, a job, and a marriage to keep healthy and thriving. Yeah, I'm going with totally normal to be feeling a bit out of sorts right now. Be kind to yourself Jess!