Thursday, June 16, 2011

Eileen and Joe sitting in a tree... K.I.S.S.I.N.G

My dear friend Kelly came for a visit with her beautiful daughter Eileen last week.  They were taking swim classes from our instructor and it gave us a chance to visit.  :-) 
 Eileen just loved baby j. 
 and Joe and Eileen hit it off... and played and played. 

 Doesn't she just have the most beautiful smile?  It brought a lot of smiles to our faces. 

 they got a bath together...  where Joe liked to pour water over Eileens face...  she was a trooper!

 Don't they look like a momma, daddy and baby here?  :-)
 We went to the childrens museum and had a great time...  right here though Eileen was looking out through the window and not paying attention.  Right after this picture was taken, she walked right into one of those glass partitions.  oops. 

 Joe was focused on what else...  trains. 

 Doesn't she look like a glamour girl? 

 Eileen is a tough one to get a smile on camera.  Which is surprising because she smiles all the time. 
 We went swimming...  well some of us did. 

 Joe practicing his skills. 

 Kelly and Baby J formed a real bond. 

 Joe got to show off his abilities on the slide.  I cannot believe he goes down this alone!  Where did my baby go?
Baby J taking it all in.  :-)  
What a great week!  Thank you Kelly for coming to stay with us!  And cooking for us.  And loving us. 

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Lawfrog said...

Awww, what a great day for all of you!!