Thursday, June 30, 2011

8 weeks (edited)

I cannot believe that Jocelyn is 8 weeks old already.  We have our 2 month appt tomorrow so I can update with her height and weight.  But she is wearing 3 month clothes already in length.  She's a long tall sally (as my mom says).  :-) 
Went to the Pedi today and she is
23 1/4 inches long (84th%)
10 lbs 7 oz (42nd %)
Head:  15 5/8 (79th %)
and she's healthy!  :)

She is talking and cooing and kicking her leg a lot and oh the smiles.  She recognizes us and smiles at her brother.  She's eating very well and sleeps consistently at night.  All in all, she's such an easy baby.  
I don't think I noticed just how tall my Joe Joe has gotten until I took this picture.  
Where did my baby go? 

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Dana said...

i want to come meet her so badly!!...i demand you keep doing the side by side pics with joe! :-)