Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Joe is FOUR!

 on May 14th, Joe had his birthday party.  It was a short 11 days after I had given birth and I was kicking myself for not having all of the details nailed down but mom and Jason and Crissy and Cindy assured me that it was enough. 

We had a train painting station...  and our cupcakes. 
 there were swings
 and fields to run
 our pavilian
 and of course a TRAIN ride
 there were friends... hannah and chase
 Samuel 1
 Samuel 2
 Cooper and Haley (with Kristi)
 Faith and Cooper (and baby)
 Autumn and Cole
 Keylon joined in the fun
 Reagan, Sarah, Jacob and Crissy... of course Abby was there too with her daddy and John. 

 we blew out candles (twice because his friends blew it out the first time)
 some laughter and giggles
 balloon animals

 hand holding

 then we came back to the house for some fun, some burgers and some friends. 
I took Joe for his 4 year stats and God help me FIVE shots.  That was BRUTAL! 

He was 40 inches tall (54%)
33.5 lbs (28%)
and 20/30 vision and they did a hearing test but I can't decipher the results.  :-) 

He is perfect!  :)

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