Thursday, June 23, 2011

Welcome to the world Kylie Marie Martha Kunkel

Some of you may remember this post about my little sister by choice. My friend who has cancer, and has fought fearlessly and tirelessly for her life. She has fought for years. She has had rejection and sickness, blessings and hope, sadness, pain, worry, fear and love. Most of all, she has the love of her family, the love of her husband and the love of her friends.

She has always recognized that life is short. No one has a guaranty of a long life. And just because she has cancer is no reason to stop living. She has made the decision to live each day, each moment... And not to EVER accept that cancer is a death sentence. Certainly not hers.

She has suffered through the usual courses in the states. She has endured unimaginable pain in Germany... Alone. She has researched and invested in new and experimental treatments. She has placed her faith in God, above all else but also in her amazing team of doctors. none of her doctors has ever given up on her... Probably because she doesn't complain and she never gives in to the fear that HAS to hit her every now and then. She is human after all.

She got married in October of 2009 and she and her husband have always hoped for a family. Danielle has gotten pregnant a few times, which defies the odds for the sole fact that with the treatments she has undergone... It shouldn't be possible. But, sadly... She lost those babies. They were set to adopt a little boy and it fell through the last minute. She has suffered unbelievable heartache.

Nine months ago... A miracle happened. Danielle got pregnant again. This time... It stuck. She told no one, not even her husband for fear she would lose the baby again. She was in Germany for a homeopathic treatment that was grueling on it's best day. They called the baby a complication. Danielle called it a miracle. She found out early on that the baby was a girl. She got weekly ultrasounds and around thanksgiving, she told her husband and parents.

Kylie Marie was thriving under the most difficult pain. Her mother protecting her above ALL else. She played music to her belly when she was on the phone. She wrote her letters every day. She prayed for her tirelessly, knowing that by placing her faith in God, they were both in good hands. She made decisions that were best for her daughter but had to be difficult for herself. But it was no longer about her. It was no longer about what was best for her alone.

Danielle got to come home the beginning of June (two full months late than originally planned)... Her husband got home (from living in Texas with us for his job) two days later and she jumped into preparations for Kylie to make her appearance. She continued to suffer through the pain, holding on to her belief that staying pregnant was the best thing for Kylie even though she would have been fine outside the womb. However, each day, each second, that she stayed inside was a day or second for her to grow.

On Tuesday, they called her down to labor and delivery for preeclampsia (high blood pressure) and purple legs. They decided to induce. But it would be no normal delivery... No true surprise there, knowing he beautiful mama. She would have no drugs, and the induction would include pitocin and magnesium making it even more painful.

I do not know the details yet from here on out. I do know that Kylie was never in distress. But Danielle was. From what I understand... She was in very real distress.

However, at 8:56 last night, central standard time, I got a text that Kylie Marie Martha Kunkel had arrived naturally at 7:52 EST and was not only beautiful but healthy. At 6 lbs, 5 oz and 19 inches long... God proved without a shadow of a doubt that miracles really do happen.

When I think of the odds that both mama and baby had to overcome, I am repeatedly in awe. I think of the doctors that didn't believe it was possible. I keep hearing what my friend siobhan said last night... the doctors only practice medicine. This was out of their control.

So... To my knowledge... Baby and mama are doing well. There have been lots of visitors and more doctors but mostly rejoicing and enjoying. I absolutely cannot wait to meet my new beautiful niece. Welcome to the world Kylie Marie. You are loved!!!!

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kbarsch said...

YAY!!! We are so very happy for Danielle and Todd and of course, prayers will continue to be sent!