Wednesday, May 20, 2009

80's Rap Music.... huh?

So... Joe loves to play in the "goo" otherwise known as the car, Jason's car to be more specific.
Jason turns the car on (so that the AC and music are going) and Joe plays while Jason sits there. Well yesterday... Jason got out and shut the door (to get something to clean it) and somehow Joe locked the door.

I hear an OH NO and Jason says Joe's locked in the car.

Luckily with On Star they can unlock easily! but while Jason was on the phone with them, Joe was just jammin away to LL Cool Jay... he and I were communicating through the windows.

When On Star opened the doors... I managed to catch the following video's of him just jammin away!
So... he doesn't like my music... but he LOVES 80's rap... go figure.

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Lisa said...

ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!! That is so funny!!!! He's so cute!