Monday, May 18, 2009

Joe's 2nd Birthday party

So, I cannot believe it... Joe turns two on Friday. So, we had our 2nd birthday party on saturday. And of course, the weather was great leading up and great afterwards and HORRIBLE the day of. :(

But, I am so blessed to have such wonderful friends. Everyone said... don't worry about the weather! We'll have a great time anyway! Some of my houston friends came up... some of my fort worth friends came in, family was here. We even had a friend from kansas who was in the area stop by. :)

Our 2:00 pm, 2 year olds birthday party... lasted eight hours. :) There was about 2 1/2 cases of beer, 8 bottles of red wine, 2 bottles of white wine and a bottle and a half of whiskey that magically disappeared. :)

not to mention... a Cheese tray, spinach dip, fruit tray, veggie tray, Red pepper hummus/turkey wraps, Buffalo chicken cheese balls, chips, dips, hot dogs and CAKE that was enjoyed by all.

A day in pictures.

Jacob enjoying some alone time in the balls.

Paw Paw enjoying some Jacob time. Jacob slept on daddy for about an hour or two.
He loved it.

Joe's train table that mom made for him.

some of the food

the white trash set up... in the garage.

happy birthday signs

deep fried balls of yumminess.
Buffalo Chicken Cheese Balls with a Bleu Cheese Dipping sauce.

Kristin enjoying some Abby time.

The cake made by
Frosted garden.


It's okay Joey... I'll take care of EVERYTHING!

Now what's your digits?

I can make both of you happy!

Make a wish!

mmmmm... icing!
mmmm... cubcakes.

Mimi and Nonner... I am SOOO happy!


more water!

WE are so funny!

I'm on a boat!


hmmmm... if I do this and this and this... I can take over the world!

Look at us! We have the same expression on our faces!

friends! Oh what a wonderful thing. Meg, where were you?
Oh what a night!
Good fun to be had by all... and I could do it all again next week! :)


Lawfrog said...

Looks like a blast! I can't believe he's almost two years old. Where does the time go???

Also, where did you get the Happy Birthday sign in the front of the house? That is really neat!

Jess said...

Ah...looks like a good time was had by EVERYONE! Kids and adults. I'm bummed we missed time!

Ingram Gang said...

The food made my mouth water and that cake I'd phenominal. Looks like fun!