Sunday, May 3, 2009

Thought I had missed my window of opportunity

So we actually stayed home this weekend. We had no plans. We were going to attend Mayfest but it was cancelled due to Swine Flu. So, our weekend was actually quite relaxed and nice. We did a lot of staying home and playing and staying in due to the raging thunderstorms. We watched the Kentucky derby and man was that a fun race.

Joe got a good nap but by bedtime he was exhausted and HEAD STRONG! He was NOT going to bed and there was nothing I could do about it. Little did he know!

I fought with him for a little while and decided that I would give supernanny's technique a spin.

She often shows parents that have a hard time getting their kids to sleep in their own beds a technique. In this technique they put the child into the bed and go and sit by the door facing out. When they climb out of bed, calmly and quietly put them back into bed. Do not speak to them and just repeat the process until they finally give up and go to sleep in their own bed.

I scoff at this. Maybe I didn't give it long enough but seriously... Joe laughed at me. He wiggled down and snuck up behind me (like I couldn't hear him) and I would see him and he would give me this incredible grin. I quietly put him back and lather, rinse repeat.

So, I tried snuggling in with him again and he wasn't having any part of it. So, I quietly told him... It's time for bed, Joe... I can either snuggle with you or I am leaving. Those are your options.

He chose option B. So... I walked out and sat just out of his sight and let him cry for a few minutes. After a few minutes, I went back in, hugged him and put him back in bed. Again... he was having no part of laying down and going to sleep.

I thought about bringing him down with me but decided I hadn't done all this for nothing. So... I put him back in his bed and walked out. I then went downstairs, changed clothes, talked to Jason and after about fifteen minutes (the whole time he was screaming)... I went back up. He instantly burrowed into my arms... hiccuping the whole time. Poor little guy!

He fell immediately to sleep. And every time I tried to wiggle out he would creep closer and cling to me. He actually acted TERRIFIED that I was going to leave. He did finally fall into a deep sleep and I was able to wiggle out. And he did awaken again about 1:00 am and I did go to him and I did bring him downstairs with me. Where he did sleep the rest of the night with his little feet in my face and his head resting against his daddy.

So, I think I missed the window where 'Cry it Out' is affective for me. Then again, I don't necessarily believe that 'Cry it Out' would have ever been affective for me.

So today... I went on to church and left Jason and Joe at home. His cough would make them uneasy and I actually enjoy going alone sometimes. :) the rest of the day was rather uneventful... but this evening we were sitting at the dinner table and Joe was playing "monkey say... monkey do". I was able to catch it on video... isn't he just the cutest thing?
Oh yeah... the video rights itself (or rather the video taper righted the camera.) HA!


Lisa said...

OMG I love this video!!!! He is so precious! I hate that we never got together. We were so close! Those first couple of months are HARD! Anyway, I think you are doing great with Joe's sleeping thing. I think the more you do it the easier it will get for you as well... hopefully! And I think it's totally fine that later on he came down with you. At least he was up there by himself for a while. Slowly but surely.
Have a great week!

Jess said...

Love the video!