Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Be... BO! And memorial day! :)

So it has always been a known fact that Joe loves boats. I do believe it was actually his first word. So... this weekend we went into Houston and got to go to Reagan's second birthday party and then we went on down to my parents boat.

The party was so fun! and of course, the babies (and adults) were too too cute! :)
It was great to catch up with friends and of course the food was wonderful. Cindy really outdid herself and even baked the cake herself. (an undertaking *I* wouldn't take on). It was a GREAT party and thank you for the invite. :)

The birthday girl! :) Reagan turned two.
Adorable Avery

Brandi and new Baby Lila

The very handsome Truitt

Gorgeous Miss Sarah

New and too cute Mathis.

Jacob and the million dollar smile.


Reagan... I won't get you into too much trouble... promise!
We headed down to the boat about 5:30 and I am quite sure that as soon as we turned into the marina Joe busted out with BOAT!

It didn't stop there. He continued with Boat! Boat! Boat! Boat.... he woke up in the middle of the night burning up with fever and sat bolt upright and said... mommeeeee BOAT!

We got a chance to visit with our south shore boat friends and then on Sunday morning we headed down to Galveston with some new friends.

When we got to the Galveston Yacht Basin we all got on our boat and started to do some sight seeing when we passed Fishermans Wharf and saw an open pier of sorts. And my very skillfull husband lined my dads boat up parallel and let the wind literally place it on the dock. It was a spectacular show of boat driving. :) And all with an audience at the restaurant.

The new friends we boated with, Shila and Harold and their three children. Mason (20), Kat (14) and Luca (5). Pictured below is Kat and Luca with Joe.

We had such a great time. They are a fascinating couple with fun fun stories. We sat around, enjoyed some wine and then headed to dinner. Jason stayed back on the boat with Joe (who still wasn't feeling well) and I got to go to dinner with the family. :)
Shore. The below pic was of Joe being silly. (of course).

This video was taken on Monday morning... Joe was walking around saying BE BO! BE BO! BE BO! (big boat). And then would bust out with ... "that's a very BE BO!" too funny. He was literally in hog heaven. :) So long as he doesn't end up on "deadliest Catch".

We finally headed home about 3:00 to Fort worth ... got home about 8:30... oye!
It was so worth it though! :)

We had our two year appointment today and he is in the 21st percentile for weight and 78th for height. has hit all of his milestones and aside from a sore throat and this bout of sickness is perfect (of course!). :)

Hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial day and remembered all those that fought for our freedoms. :)

God bless!

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