Friday, May 22, 2009


Dear Joe,
Two years ago I was sitting in our doctors office and he was just telling us to go ahead and come on over to the hospital. Today was the day. I remember thinking... what a birthday present! :) Your daddy's first response was Oh &*^%! (too funny).

I remember being both terrified and excited. I remember being exhausted and exhilarated. I remember being in love and ready, and so not ready all at the same time.

I had seen your beautiful little 4D photo's and had seden you smiling. But, I had all of these wonders. What would you be like? Who would you look like? etc etc etc.

And what's funny is that you are so JOE! You look like Joe. You act like Joe and you still smile all the time... even like in the womb. You have definitely gotten a few traits from all of us... but you are so unique. You're smart. You're funny. You're snuggly. You love people and animals. You have a temper which tells me you won't let people walk all over you. You already have a sense of right and wrong (and sometimes when you know you're wrong... you blow raspberries at me anyway).

These last two years have been so so so much fun, my little angel!

I can't wait (although I really can) to see what's next. :)

I love you my little one.


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Jess said...

Aw...what a wonderful 2 years. I have a feeling I'll be writing something just like this in 2 years...eek, afraid of how fast the time will fly by!