Monday, May 11, 2009

Just call me "Joe"

When I was pregnant with Joseph and we were deciding upon a name, I said that I liked Joseph but did NOT like "Joey". However, as my pregnancy went on, I started talking to him as "Joey". When he was born, he WAS "Joey" to me. It just suited his little fun loving personality... "Joe" was too serious of a name for him.

Jason has always been partial to "Joe" because that was his grandfather's name. His family has all called him "Joe" from the beginning and mine has called him "Joey Bee" for... like... ever.

Well, my little boy is growing up and he is making his own decisions. the other day... I uploaded a video that showed him saying "Hi Joe!"... when his daddy got home Jason said something about "Joey" and Joe very calmly said... "Joe".

I thought it was just a fluke... but he later corrected me. So it seems, that my little punkin with the mischievous side, the fun loving, carefree spirit... has decided at the whopping 23 month age... that he wants to be called "Joe".

This same little guy has decided that he can bark at his food and howl at the moon. I wonder WHO taught him this? But it is hysterical! he sits in his little chair at the table... throws his head back and howls. It is really funny and if I can catch it on video tonight... I'll upload it. :)

Daddy and me icing cupcakes. Well... daddy icing one and me getting a lick of icing. :-D

Yesterday was mothers day. It was a day of celebration for me being a mom but even more so... it IS a celebration of the one that made me a mom. I cannot imagine one single solitary second without him. His laugh, his cry, his snuggles, even his swats. "Joe" is the reason I get to call myself Mommy.

On top of that, we got to dedicate Joe in church. We dedicated that we would raise him in a Christian home and show him how to follow the Lord. I think even he knew how special of a day it was because he let Pastor Horton hold him without a single peep. Either that... or he already loves being the center of attention. :)

This picture was taken right before we left for church.

We were soooo soooo blessed that Jason's parents could join us for the Dedication. They actually drove four hour from Lufkin just for church and some Mother's Day Lunch. I can't even tell you how special that was! Especially because they are turning around and driving BACK up here this weekend for my I mean Joe's birthday party. :)

This is three generations of Davis men. Aren't they handsome?

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Marianne said...

OMG! My Joe just started barking like a dog too!! I know where he gets it though...he was standing right next to my dog, Charley...

Please tell me you have youtubed the 'howling at the moon'?? If not, can you? I have GOT to see that!!